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Early learning professionals care for and educate young children. They work in child care centers, family homes, private and public preschools, and early elementary classrooms. They include coaches, policy makers and family advocates.

Child Care Center Lead Teacher
Directly responsible for the care and education of children and must provide developmentally appropriate early childhood education and ensure a safe learning environment.
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ECEAP Assistant Teacher
Demonstrates competency to implement program activities under the direction of a Lead Teacher.
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Head Start Family Support
Primary contact for parents to ensure that the needs of young children and families are addressed
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Family Home Child Care Provider
Licensed family home child care (FHCC) providers offer care for children in the provider's home. Depending on their license, FHCC providers may care for up to 12 children through 12 years of age.
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RBPD Generalist (Coach)
A Relationship Based Professional Development Generalist (RBPD) uses professional relationships as a primary method to support professional growth and development for adult learners
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WA State-Approved Trainer
Design and provide classes for adult learners using learning objectives, interactions, reflection, application, and assessment.
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